About Us

About us

Ecoplast uPVC Windows & Doors specializes in supplying made-to-measure UPVC windows & doors that are both beautiful and elegant. Our goal is to help our customers choose the right exterior UPVC doors & windows for their homes in Pakistan, and no other UPVC door company can match our high standards and competitive prices. As experts in windows & doors, we are proud to serve individual homeowners and large developers equally. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, our comprehensive nationwide service infrastructure allows us to provide complete windows solutions and fulfil orders of any size, no matter where you are.

How We Do It


We prioritize innovation in creating custom windows solutions for your project. Utilizing the most advanced techniques, we can design unique shapes, sizes, and configurations that offer architectural freedom while maximizing the building envelope’s performance and comfort.


As the leading provider of windows in Pakistan, we have a wealth of expertise in installing windows and doors, be it patio doors, sliding windows & doors or folding windows. This results in increased efficiency and comfort for the occupants, regardless of the project’s specific goals. 


In addition to supplying top-quality uPVC windows & doors, our dedicated team is here to provide exceptional service throughout the entire process – from product selection and ordering to proper installation and troubleshooting. We strive to be a one-stop solution for all your window needs, ensuring you get the best possible product and service experience.

What You Get

The Design You Want

Our focus on innovation and advanced techniques allows us to craft custom windows and door solutions that give you the design freedom you desire. We can bring your vision to life from unique shapes and sizes to specialized configurations. 


Our windows are designed to revolutionize the energy efficiency of buildings, resulting in cost savings on utility bills and a reduction in energy consumption.

The Look You Want

At our company, we take pride in the custom craftsmanship of our windows and doors, made with the highest level of quality and excellence. By choosing our custom-crafted products, you can expect an enhanced experience that exceeds your expectations.

Comfort In Your Home

Not only do our windows provide energy efficiency, but they also contribute to a comfortable and quiet home. In addition, our uPVC windows’ high-performance design helps eliminate drafts and cold spots, even in areas near large glass panes.