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All You Need to Know About Folding Doors

Folding doors can be a great option for homeowners who maximize their living space and add a modern touch to their interiors. These doors are designed to fold in on themselves, allowing you to fully open up a room or section it off as needed.

Are folding doors space-saving and aesthetically pleasing?

If you’re renovating or buying a house, consider the advantages and different sizes of folding doors for interior use. In addition to their space-saving benefits, folding doors can add to your home’s overall aesthetics. With their sleek, clean lines and modern design, they can help to create a seamless and sophisticated look that is sure to impress.

What are Folding Doors?

Folding doors, also known as bifold doors, consist of vertically hinged panels that fold and move along an upper or lower track in an accordion style. They provide easy access to large openings and allow ample natural light into a space. They are also a cost-effective alternative to other large-opening door systems.

How do Folding Doors Work?

Folding doors utilize the concertina or accordion mechanism, whereby multiple panels fold back on themselves like an accordion’s bellows to open up a room. Unlike traditional hinged doors, they don’t require additional space and can be opened without swinging in or out. This feature allows for more spacious entryways, providing an alternative to conventional doors’ limited space.

To avoid the hassle of folding up the entire façade, bi-folding doors can be fitted with a “traffic door”. The traffic door, equipped with a standard lever handle, is integrated into the bi-folding structure, enabling you to enter and exit without folding every panel. Installing a traffic door is especially useful for interior doorways, which typically have more frequent use than exterior doorways.

Are Folding Doors A Good Idea?

Homeowners are continually searching for the optimal door choices for their homes. While folding doors offer various advantages, certain circumstances may not suit their use.  


Unobstructed View

Folding doors provide ample clearance, allowing for an unobstructed view of multiple items or facilitating indoor/outdoor entertainment. 


They are low-maintenance, and some designs feature large windows, allowing abundant natural light to brighten interior spaces. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

With numerous style options, folding doors can complement a wide range of design aesthetics, from traditional to contemporary, and add an aesthetically pleasing touch to any home.

Customized Designs

Folding doors come in various styles and colours that create an illusion of space and add a stunning visual appeal. Whether you desire a design that seamlessly blends in with your brickwork or stands out, many options are available to fit your preferences. These doors complement both vintage and contemporary style homes and can be customized with various surface finishes to look fantastic from both the interior and exterior.

Safe and Secure

Despite having multiple glass panels, bi-fold doors are harder to break into than traditional hinged doors. This is because bi-fold doors have several locks or bolts distributed across the sliding track of the door, making them more secure. Coupling the folding door frames with the appropriate glazing makes it almost impossible for a break-in. To further improve security, consider using double-glazed toughened glass, which is only necessary for external folding doors. Contact Ecoplast, a trusted folding doors and windows supplier in Pakistan, for more information.


  • Bi-fold doors may obstruct your outdoor view, depending on the frame design. Water can seep under the door without a threshold if the patio or porch hasn’t been sloped.
  • Additionally, accordion-style doors can take up valuable space when opened and stored on the side of the room.

Dos and Don’ts when deciding on a folding door


Before purchasing a folding door, inspect it thoroughly to understand its features. Consider the warranty offered, and make sure the door meets construction regulations. To ensure quality, buy from Ecoplast uPVC Windows & Doors.


When buying a door, don’t rely solely on the price tag. Consider investing in a more expensive door that will last for years. Additionally, do not pay the contractor until they have completed the installation. Paying beforehand can make it difficult to make changes if you are not satisfied with the result.  


While folding closet doors have been used in home design for many years, designers and homeowners now recognise the benefits of using them for exterior spaces. With the increasing desire to connect indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, flexible openings using large folding doors can create an organic and appealing atmosphere. If you want to purchase visit folding doors and windows supplier in Pakistan.

Folding Doors FAQs

Is it possible to have a fixed door or window alongside a folding set? 

Absolutely. Simply inform your Origin representative, and they will provide tailored recommendations.

How do I clean folding doors?

To clean the folding doors, use a gentle, soapy solution (avoid using washing-up liquid) and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe away dirt. Do not use abrasive materials like scouring pads, as they may scratch the surface. Also, avoid solvent-based cleaning products.

Can bi-fold doors increase a property’s value? 

Absolutely. Folding doors  offer a great way to bring natural light into a house, a highly sought-after feature among potential homebuyers.

Is it possible to use folding doors for balconies? 

Yes, it is. Origin’s bi-fold doors are highly versatile and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

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