Arches into Modern Home Design

Incorporating Arches into Modern Home Design

 Despite their elegance and simplicity, it can be challenging to incorporate arches into modern home design.  In this article, we’ll discuss how to incorporate arches into different home areas, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.  Furthermore, we will examine how to blend these arches with other curved design elements. Such as racetrack-shaped decorative items, furniture with curved outlines, and rounded accessories.

Arch Design For Entrance Gate

Designing an impressive entrance gate for your home can lend a grand and sophisticated aura to your abode. Various elements can be incorporated to create a modern front door arch design. For example, to craft arches for the entrance gate, such as wood, glass or wrought iron.

Painted arch accent wall

Crafting a DIY-painted arched accent wall is a striking method of adding arches to any room. This versatile option allows you to be as daring or subtle as you desire. Also, it can be effortlessly painted over when you want a change.

You can try painting arches in different colours from your chosen palette, creating artwork to grab attention. Instead, you can choose a more understated approach by painting a single arch behind a sofa, bed or shelving unit.

If painting isn’t your cup of tea, Ecoplast uPVC Windows & Doors offer mess-free high-quality arches.

Arch Design For Interiors and Doors

Adding an arch into your home’s hallway or passage can create a captivating impact, elevating your house’s ambience. By fusing various designs and revamping the area, a Roman archway can be transformed into an arch that can add a unique touch.

You can combine the arch with pillars and wooden doors for a dramatic effect. Or, you can use an arch for the front elevation to enhance your home’s exterior look.

Arched folding screen

If you want to add arches to your interiors without undertaking costly construction or renovations. An arched folding screen is an affordable option.

Besides to serving as a pleasing design piece, a screen is a practical way to provide privacy to a room or divide larger spaces into single zones. You can also place it against a wall to add texture and decoration.

Arched cupboards

Likewise, an arched cupboard can imitate the appearance of a doorway, creating an illusion of greater space. The gentle, rounded arch can help to soften the appearance of extensive cupboards. This effect remains even when they have wooden doors.

Arch Design For Kitchen

Adding a decorative arch to the kitchen entrance creates a stunning view and depth. It can also function as a breakfast nook or passageway to another room.

If your kitchen is closed off, you can easily construct an open archway in white hues to create more spaciousness. There are different options to consider when incorporating an arch into your kitchen design.

A traditional look can be achieved by using a white archway, adorned with an intricate design to give it a distinct character.

A wooden arch can be a good option for a more contemporary style. This type of arch can match the wooden panel of the kitchen and the wooden floors, creating a cohesive feel throughout the space.

The choice of arch design ultimately depends on the overall style of your kitchen and personal preferences.   With the right design, an arch can enhance your kitchen’s look and functionality, making it more practical and pleasing. 

Things to Consider Before Adding Arches

  • Ensure that the arches are in harmony with the building’s architecture. Incorporating arches into a new architectural style is relatively simple. And if you’re constructing a retro period-style home, such as a bungalow that typically includes arches, you’re in luck.
  • However, if your project involves a remodel or addition, the original architecture does not fit with arches. Then only add them if you’re completely overhauling the exterior and interior. As a general guideline, if the original architecture lacks arches, it’s best to leave them out.
  •  When adding arches into your interior design, it’s crucial to consider your home’s architecture.  A good design has a uniform repetition of shape and line. The number of arches doesn’t have to match inside and outside, but they should be harmonious with each other.
  • Finding a balance between repetition, variety, and contrast is crucial in creating visual interest. Remember that the amount and location of arches should be well-thought-out to create the perfect balance in your design.
  • When working with arches, it’s essential to maintain consistency in their size and shape throughout the project. To achieve this, it’s vital to keep the radius of the arch consistent with similar elements. 

 When adding arched doorways and openings, deciding whether to leave them as drywall or enhance them with wood casings and trim is crucial.  This decision should be based on the style of the project’s architecture. For a traditional home, the door frames should be finished with wood trim that complements the lines and details of the architecture. For architecture with simpler lines, wrapped drywall can complete the look beautifully

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